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story 1839

In a cozy village (pueblo), a small cat (gato) named Luna loved to explore (explorar) at night (noche). One evening (tarde), she found a glowing stone (piedra brillante) under a tree (árbol). It was a moonstone (piedra lunar), shining (brillando) softly.
Curious (curiosa), Luna carried (llevó) the stone home (hogar), where it lit (iluminó) her room (habitación) with a gentle light (luz suave). That night (esa noche), Luna dreamed (soñó) she could fly (volar).
The next day (al día siguiente), she shared (compartió) her dream with her friends (amigos): a wise owl (búho sabio) and a playful mouse (ratón juguetón). Inspired (inspirados), they decided to make (hacer) a kite (cometa).
Using sticks (palos), string (hilo), and colorful fabric (tela colorida), they crafted (crearon) a kite that looked (parecía) like the moon (luna). Together, they flew (volaron) it high (alto) in the sky (cielo), watching (mirando) as it danced (bailaba) among the stars (estrellas).
Luna realized (se dio cuenta) that with imagination (imaginación) and friends (amigos), even dreams (sueños) of flying could feel real (sentirse reales). Every night (cada noche), the moonstone reminded (recordaba) her of adventures (aventuras) yet to come (por venir).

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