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story 1838

In a sunny meadow (pradera), a little frog (rana) named Salto discovered a colorful kite (cometa). Intrigued (intrigado), he decided to fly (volar) it, tugging (tirando) at its string (cuerda) as the wind (viento) picked up.
Suddenly, Salto lifted (levantó) off the ground (suelo), soaring (volando) high above the trees (árboles). From the sky (cielo), he saw a river (río), mountains (montañas), and even his own pond (estanque).
A friendly bird (pájaro) named Vuelo joined him, teaching (enseñando) Salto how to glide (planear) and twirl (girar) in the air. Together, they explored (exploraron) cloud (nube) castles (castillos) and raced (corrieron) with eagles (águilas).
As the sun (sol) set (se ponía), Salto returned (volvió) to the meadow, his heart (corazón) full of joy (alegría) and his mind (mente) buzzing (zumbando) with new dreams (sueños). He thanked (agradeció) the kite for the adventure (aventura) and promised (prometió) to explore (explorar) more wonders (maravillas) of the world (mundo).
Salto learned (aprendió) that with a little courage (valentía) and curiosity (curiosidad), even a small frog can have big adventures (grandes aventuras).

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