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story 1837

In a bustling city (ciudad), a tiny mouse (ratón) named Nico found a magic seed (semilla mágica). Curious (curioso), Nico planted (plantó) it in a pot (maceta) on his balcony (balcón). Overnight (durante la noche), it grew into a towering beanstalk (tallo de frijol) reaching into the clouds (nubes).
Excited (emocionado), Nico climbed (escaló) up, discovering a floating island (isla flotante) above. There, he met a friendly giant (gigante amigable) who loved to cook (cocinar). The giant taught (enseñó) Nico how to make delicious dishes (platos deliciosos) using cloudberries (mora de nubes).
Together, they cooked (cocinaron) and shared (compartieron) meals with the birds (pájaros) and stars (estrellas). Nico learned (aprendió) that friendship (amistad) and good food (buena comida) could make any place (lugar) feel like home (hogar).
Returning (volviendo) to the city, Nico brought back cloudberries and stories (historias) of his adventure (aventura). He opened (abrió) a small cafe (café) on his balcony, where everyone (todos) was welcome to taste (probar) the magic (magia) of the clouds (nubes).
Nico\'s cafe became a spot (lugar) of joy (alegría) and gathering (reunión), showing that even the smallest mouse can bring big dreams (grandes sueños) to life (vida).

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