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story 1836

In a vibrant forest (bosque), a small bee (abeja) named Zoe discovered a hidden pond (estanque) shimmering (brillando) with magic (magia). Around it, flowers (flores) of every color (color) bloomed (florecían), and fruit (fruta) trees whispered (susurraban) secrets.
Zoe buzzed (zumbó) excitedly, gathering (recolectando) nectar (néctar) and pollen (polen) from the flowers. She decided to share (compartir) this enchanted place (lugar encantado) with her friends (amigos): a frog (rana) named Leo, who loved to sing (cantar), and a squirrel (ardilla) named Mia, who collected (coleccionaba) shiny (brillantes) pebbles (piedras).
Together, they played (jugaron) and danced (bailaron) around the pond, their laughter (risas) echoing (eco) through the forest. Leo\'s songs (canciones) made the flowers sway (balancearse), and Mia\'s pebbles glowed (brillaban) with light (luz).
As the sun (sol) set (se ponía), they made a wish (deseo) on a shooting star (estrella fugaz), grateful (agradecidos) for their friendship (amistad) and the beauty (belleza) around them. The pond, now a place of joy (alegría) and magic, promised (prometía) more adventures (aventuras) for Zoe, Leo, and Mia.

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