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story 1835

In a small town (pueblo), a clever rabbit (conejo) named Mimi loved to paint (pintar). One day (día), she found a colorful feather (pluma) and had a brilliant idea (idea brillante). She decided to create a giant mural (mural) on a wall (pared) near her home (hogar).
Gathering her paints (pinturas), Mimi began her masterpiece (obra maestra), using the feather as her brush (pincel). She painted a rainbow (arcoíris) that sparkled (brillaba) under the sun (sol). Birds (pájaros) and butterflies (mariposas) added life (vida) to her art.
As she painted, friends (amigos) stopped by. A squirrel (ardilla) brought nuts (nueces), and a mouse (ratón) shared cheese (queso). They all enjoyed a picnic (picnic) under the rainbow.
The mayor (alcalde) of the town saw the mural and was amazed (asombrado). He declared Mimi’s wall a landmark (punto de referencia), where everyone (todos) could come to share art (arte) and happiness (felicidad).
Mimi’s mural became a symbol (símbolo) of creativity (creatividad) and community (comunidad), teaching (enseñando) that beauty (belleza) and friendship (amistad) can transform any place (lugar) into a wonderland (país de maravillas).

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