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story 1832

In a magical garden (jardín), a tiny ant (hormiga) named Pablo found a giant strawberry (fresa). Dreaming of making the biggest cake (pastel) ever, he asked his friend, a bee (abeja) named Lola, for help (ayuda). Together, they planned (planearon) a grand feast (fiesta).
First, they gathered sugar (azúcar) from flowers (flores) and water (agua) from the morning dew (rocío). A spider (araña), skilled in weaving (tejer), crafted a cloth (tela) for the table (mesa). A ladybug (mariquita) painted (pintó) decorations (decoraciones), making everything look festive (festivo).
On the big day (día grande), Pablo and Lola mixed (mezclaron) the ingredients (ingredientes) with laughter (risas) and joy (alegría). The cake rose (subió) high, filling the garden with sweet (dulce) smells.
Animals (animales) from all over came to taste (probar) the cake. They danced (bailaron) and sang (cantaron) under the stars (estrellas), celebrating (celebrando) friendship (amistad) and teamwork (trabajo en equipo).
Pablo and Lola proved that even the smallest (más pequeños) can achieve great things (grandes cosas) with a bit of creativity (creatividad) and help from friends. The garden buzzed (zumbó) with happiness (felicidad), a memory (recuerdo) to cherish (tesorar) forever.

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