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story 1769

Once upon a time, in a colorful village (pueblo), there was a small house (casa) painted in bright yellow (amarillo) and blue (azul). Inside, a happy family (familia) lived with their playful dog (perro) and a quiet cat (gato). Every morning (mañana), the sun (sol) shone through the windows (ventanas), filling the rooms with light (luz).
The father (padre) worked as a baker (panadero), creating delicious bread (pan) and pastries (pasteles). The mother (madre) was an artist (artista), painting beautiful landscapes (paisajes) that hung on the walls (paredes).
Their children, a boy (niño) and a girl (niña), loved to play outside (afuera) in the garden (jardín), chasing butterflies (mariposas) and picking flowers (flores). They laughed (reían) and played games (juegos), their joy (alegría) as bright as the sunflowers (girasoles) that grew tall and proud.
In the evenings (tardes), the family (familia) would gather around the table (mesa) to share stories (historias) and enjoy meals (comidas) together. The warmth (calor) of their love (amor) filled the house (casa), making it the happiest place (lugar) in the village (pueblo).
And so, in this small corner of the world, life (vida) was sweet (dulce) and full of color (color), a perfect picture (imagen) of happiness (felicidad).

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