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story 1765

In a small town (pueblo pequeño), a parrot (loro) named Pepe discovered a colorful kite (cometa colorida) stuck (atascada) in a tree (árbol). Dreaming of flying (volar), Pepe tugged (tiró) at the cometa until it was free (libre).
With the cometa in beak (pico), Pepe soared (se elevó) above rooftops (techos), over the square (plaza), and past the church (iglesia), its colors (colores) dazzling (deslumbrantes) under the sun (sol). Children (niños) pointed (señalaron) and cheered (animaron), their laughter (risas) filling the air (aire).
Pepe landed (aterrizó) in the plaza, cometa still fluttering (aún ondeando). An artist (artista) painting (pintando) nearby was inspired (inspirado) by the sight (vista) and painted (pintó) Pepe and his cometa, capturing the joy (alegría) and freedom (libertad) of the moment (momento).
Feeling proud (orgulloso), Pepe decided (decidió) to share (compartir) his cometa with the niños, teaching (enseñando) them to fly (volar) it. Together, they watched (observaron) as the cometa danced (bailó) in the sky (cielo), a symbol (símbolo) of unity (unidad) and happiness (felicidad) in the pueblo.

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