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story 1592

On a bright beach (playa), a cheerful crab (cangrejo) scuttled across the warm sand (arena), searching for seashells (conchas). Above, seagulls (gaviotas) soared, their cries echoing under the sunny sky (cielo). A boy (niño), named Miguel, built a sandcastle (castillo de arena), with a big bucket (cubo) and spade (pala).
Miguel found a shiny shell (concha) and placed it atop his castle, making it sparkle (brillar) in the sunlight (sol). Just then, a wave (ola) swept in, tickling his toes (dedos de los pies) and making him giggle (reír). He ran (corrió) back to his towel (toalla), where his dog (perro), Luna, waited, wagging (meneando) her tail (cola) excitedly.
Together, they shared a picnic (picnic) of sandwiches (sándwiches) and juice (jugo), under an umbrella (sombrilla). The beach day (día de playa) was perfect (perfecto) for making memories (recuerdos) of laughter (risas), sun (sol), and friendship (amistad). Miguel felt a wave of happiness (felicidad), knowing this was a day he’d always remember.

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