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story 1587

Once upon a time, a small rabbit (conejo) hopped (saltó) through a lush forest (bosque), searching for carrots (zanahorias). Along the path (camino), it met a friendly squirrel (ardilla) gathering nuts (nueces). They decided to explore (explorar) together, sharing stories (historias) and laughter (risas). As they journeyed, they stumbled upon a clear stream (arroyo), where fish (peces) swam in harmony. The sun (sol) was warm, the air (aire) filled with the scent (aroma) of flowers (flores). Suddenly, they discovered a hidden garden (jardín), where fruits (frutas) and vegetables (verduras) grew in abundance. They danced (bailaron) under the moonlight (luna), grateful for the day\'s adventure (aventura). The forest (bosque) whispered secrets (secretos) of magic (magia) and friendship (amistad), a reminder of the beauty (belleza) that surrounds us.

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