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story 1529

In a bustling market (mercado bullicioso), a young boy (niño joven) named Carlos (Carlos) explored (exploraba) with wide eyes (ojos abiertos). Stalls (puestos) overflowed (rebosaban) with fruits (frutas) and vegetables (verduras), and the air (aire) was filled with music (música).
Carlos stopped (se detuvo) at a colorful stand (puesto colorido), marveling (maravillándose) at the sweets (dulces). He chose (escogió) a shiny apple (manzana brillante) and thanked (agradeció) the vendor (vendedor) with a smile (sonrisa).
Wandering (vagando) further, he found a puppy (cachorro) looking lost (perdido). Carlos knelt (se arrodilló) and gently (suavemente) petted (acarició) it. The puppy wagged (movió) its tail (cola), happy (feliz).
Together (juntos), they watched (observaron) jugglers (malabaristas) and listened (escucharon) to guitarists (guitarristas) under the warm sun (sol cálido). Laughter (risas) and chatter (charlas) surrounded them.
As the day (día) ended (terminó), Carlos led (guió) the puppy (cachorro) home (casa), promising (prometiendo) to care (cuidar) for it. His heart (corazón) was full of joy (alegría) and new friendship (nueva amistad). He fell asleep (se durmió) dreaming (soñando) of future adventures (futuras aventuras) in the vibrant market (mercado vibrante).

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