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story 1527

In a colorful forest (bosque colorido), a playful monkey (mono juguetón) named Nico (Nico) loved to swing (balancearse) from vine (liana) to vine. Each day (cada día), he discovered (descubría) new fruits (frutas) and flowers (flores).
One sunny afternoon (tarde soleada), Nico met a parrot (loro) named Lola (Lola). They played (jugaban) hide-and-seek (escondite) among the trees (árboles) and laughed (reían) together.
Suddenly (de repente), they found a hidden waterfall (cascada escondida). The water (agua) sparkled (brillaba) like diamonds (diamantes) under the sun (sol). Nico and Lola splashed (salpicaban) joyfully (alegremente) in the cool (fresco) water.
As evening (tarde) approached, they watched (miraban) the sky (cielo) turn orange (naranja) and purple (morado). Fireflies (luciérnagas) danced (bailaban) around them, lighting (iluminando) their way home (camino a casa).
Nico climbed (subió) his favorite tree (árbol favorito), feeling tired (cansado) but happy (feliz). He fell asleep (se durmió) quickly, dreaming (soñando) of the next day\'s (día siguiente) adventures (aventuras) with his new friend (nuevo amigo) Lola.

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